Intermediate Beading Workshops


Bead Loom

This is one of the oldest forms of beading. This technique has been used to solidify relationships between nations pre & post contact. The bead loom workshop will teach students how to assemble a loom, create their patterns, remove the finished beadwork and finalize it for use.


Beaded Feather Handle

Feathers that are put to work for ceremonies, presentations, dancing and events alike are usually dressed with beadwork. This class will teach students how to peyote stitch the handle of a feather and finishing it will leather fringe.


Beaded Baby Moccasins

Newest members of the family can be gifted with a pair of handmade beaded baby moccasins after taking this workshop. In this class, students will learn how to design and bead the cutest pair of moccasins.


Beaded Adult Puckertoe Moccasins

This style of moccasin is the most popular kind of moccasin on the market. Students will learn how to create a pattern to fit every foot and learn the history of moccasins to help create their own personal beadwork.