Advanced Beading Workshops


Beaded Pow wow Moccasins

Pow wow moccasins are designed to change the sole for the pow wow dancing seasons. These are either fully or partially beaded to match your pow wow outfit. Legging can also be added.


Beaded Mukluks

Warm and beautifully beaded mukluks will keep your toes nice and cozy during the winter months. Students will learn how to measure the foot and leg, create a pattern and assemble a beaded mukluk.


Beaded Gauntlets

Another winter item, these large leather mitts also known as gauntlets cover the hand to the mid or upper for arm. Fur and beadwork are added to create a beautiful touch and can be made to match your mukluks.


Beaded Ropes

In this class, students will learn two ways of creating a beaded rope; wrapping or peyote stitch. This workmanship can be transferred to create beautiful jewelry, medallions, regalia additions, glasses holder, etc.

beaded necklace